Reverse Gearbox

Reverse Gearbox

Re: Show me your electric reverse! Yes it is needed for RGB. and it is needed for IVA. The usual advice is that the electric reverse is only to get past scrutineers/testers, otherwise get out and push! My last BEC had a Quaife unit, and it sapped power and vibrated like a vibrating thing, hate em.


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MNR's reverse solution is a inline gearbox similar to the Quaife. £587 I believe. There was a feature in CKC's last issue I think on bike reverse kits. Edited by rdodger on Friday 19th.


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Location 1. Member Is Offline. Building: posted on 15/7/12 at 08:24 AM. MNR reverse box? Hi all, I've been in touch with Chris from MNR - I'm looking for a reverse box for use in a hayabusa engined BEC.sounds like their gear cutter is on the blink - he suggested I look elsewhere. I'm loathe to use the quaife unit as it sounds a bit average.

Reverse Gearboxes Reverse Trike ARCHIVE. Please go to

Subject: Quaife or MNR reverse gearbox The Venom Project. Contributor Posts 556 Registered 24/9/09 Location 1 Member Is Offline Photo Archive Building: RTR TR1KE. posted on 31/12/14 at 10:46 AM: Quaife or MNR reverse gearbox I have an idea for adding a reverse onto a bike engined vehicle where the engine would be situated above the rear wheels.

Quaife Reversing Gearbox BEC

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Ali, The starter and ring gear are off a Honda GX 390 gas engine. the starter is a Denso BB586.The ring gear Just fits the tunnel. The amp draw getting the car moving is high but the battery handles it ok. It propels the car at a slow walking speed. I think all the electric starter reversers have marginal power but it gets me out of the garage.

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QBE35G was developed by Quaife to provide a reverse gear solution for motorcycle engined cars running an in-line powertrain installation. To avoid unnecessary power loss, QBE35G has been designed to be 'straight-through' operation when running in 'forward' mode, therefore absorbing less power than conventional designs.

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The Vortx Inboard is the perfect synergy of bespoke build and performance for the new or experienced owner. The Vortx Inboard allows the owner to tailor the performance and specification, to build their ideal road registered Vortx. With many engine and drivetrain options available there is no limit to performance whilst still evoking strong.

Reverse Gearbox

About us. originally founded in 1998 by former british touring car championship driver and race team owner Marc Nordon. Since those early days MNR Sportscars has earned a reputation as one of the leading producers of hand built road and race cars in Europe. Read More. We're here to help you.

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The english quaife gearbox MNR reverse gearbox Jeluli reverse gearbox Jaxport reverse gearbox While they may work, i think you might have the same top speed in reverse as in the forward gears. Matter of fact is you might have the same number of reverse gears also. I'm trying to find more info on the other gearboxes at the yahoo trike site.


Used Gearbox. Audi A7 Year of construction2013 Classification codeA2Type of engine DieselEngine capacity3,000 ccGearbox AutomaticDrive4x4Gearbox code MNR Part numberMNBMNB. Price on request. Warranty 3 mo. Supplier Autohandel-Smet Gebroeders NV.

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375 Reverse Gearbox - SOLD This is now SOLD. Search for similar items. Description: A gearbox to enable the fitting of a motorbike engine in a in-line application. The box goes between engine and differential to provide a reverse gear for bike engined cars.

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Our reversing gearboxes' range. Transmitted torque remain the same in ahead and reverse. Offset or coaxial versions for engine powers from 300 kW to 5.000 kw. Possibility of external or integrated propeller shaft brake. Optional trailing pumps, elastic couplings, etc. Full range compatible with fixed pitch propellers.