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Thermo Scientific HP13153033Q Cimarec Digital Hot Plate with 10.25" x

Dry baths contain interchangeable aluminum blocks designed to hold specific vessel styles and sizes, from 10 ml flat-bottom tubes to 50ml conical vials. For low-throughput research labs, compact dry baths include nesting positions for 1 or 2 removable blocks. For high-throughput labs processing hundreds of samples concurrently, high-capacity.

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Our selection of laboratory heaters are safe and economical with uniform heating and rugged construction to meet the most rigorous laboratory requirements. Spectrum specializes in providing laboratory heaters from the industry's top manufacturers. If you do not see the product you require, just contact customer service at 800-772-8786.

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Solid Blocks for Ohaus Dry Block Heaters. $163.00. Choose Options. PCR Plate, Tube and Strip Blocks for Ohaus Dry Block Heaters. $363.00. Choose Options. Vial Blocks for Ohaus Dry Block Heaters and Ohaus Incubating/Cooling Orbital Shaker. $163.00. Choose Options.

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Heating Devices. Most labs use at least one type of heating device, such as ovens, hot plates, heating mantles and tapes, oil baths, salt baths, sand baths, air baths, hot-tube furnaces, hot-air guns and microwave ovens. Steam-heated devices are generally preferred whenever temperatures of 100 o C or less are required because they do not.

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The large capacity SC154 Hot Block will digest up to 54, 50mL samples simultaneously in just a 15 X 21.5" footprint. Constructed of Graphite and Kydex® the corrosion-resistant SC154 was designed for environmental and other acid digestions prior to metals determinations. The SC154 uses a….

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Heating laboratory equipment is made possible with the heaters below! The heaters fit most standard laboratory equipment including beakers, mantles, graduated cylinders, flasks, etc.

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Laboratories use a form of heating apparatus to regulate temperature throughout the processing of samples and experiments. Temperature is widely regarded as the most important physical variable in controlling biological and chemical experiments, so it's crucial that temperature is monitored and regulated accurately.


Cole-Parmer Digital Dri-Block Heater DB200/3/115. used. Manufacturer: Cole-Parmer 115V 50/60Hz Bright orange 5-digit LED digital display Temp Range: +5C to 200C Accurate, reproducible, rapid and safe heating of your samples Fast heat-up rate, 25c to 100C in 7-9 minutes

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Introducing the USA Lab CRH Heaters, the pinnacle of heating technology designed to elevate your lab. $6,598.00 - $13,999.00. Options. Quick view Huber. Huber KISS 205B *Notice: This item is subject to drop ship and may have a extended lead time* Heating bath $3,890.00 - $4,390.00. Options. Quick view.

Harga Jual Hanna COD Test Tube Heater HI839800 Supplier Indonesia

Home › Life Sciences › Laboratory Equipment › Hot Plates & Stirrers › Lab Hot Plates Lab Hot Plates A range of hotplates from basic to specialty, to suit any lab's needs. Choose from ceramic or aluminum surface types and multiple plate shapes and sizes.

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Laboratory Heater Compare Tool Select up to 3 products Laboratory Heater 1 - 32 of 70 Related Categories: Heat Block 96 | Vial Block | Immersion Heater | Heating Tape With Controller | Dry Bath Incubator Sort View Show > Flexi-Therm Dry Block Heater Vitl Life Science Solutions

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Laboratory Immersion Heater Features: -Reliable, convenient and energy-efficient. -Easily converts any container into a thermostatically controlled bath from ambient to 300°C. -Substitute for water and oil baths. -Control box is located on the outside and is unaffected by vaporous and temperature effects. -Option to select the temperature

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The NS-10 Nutating mixer is an economical choice for many routine laboratory applications that require gentle yet thorough mixing . Compact; fits on any flat surface or benchtop Operating range:5°C to 40°C Load capacity: 1.75 lb. (0.8kg) Tubes can be placed on dimpled rubber…. Related Products: Nutator.

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A laboratory incubator provides a temperature-controlled environment to support the growth of microbiological cultures. Typical incubators are insulated boxes with an adjustable heater, going up to 60°C to 65°C (140°F to 149°F), though some can go slightly higher (generally to no more than 100°C). Esco Isotherm ® laboratory incubator is.

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Once you've found the best space heater for your needs, you can take advantage of all the things that can make the latest electric heaters so great, like a programmable thermostat, timer, oscillating design, sleep mode, remote control, or smartphone control. Warming the air in your home can cause it to lose humidity, creating dry air issues like eye, nose and throat irritation, dehydrated.

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BriskHeat® 250 ml Silicone Rubber Beaker Heater w/SDC (° F) Temperature Controller, J-Type Sensor. Part #: 19BT92. Qty Price. 1 $354.480 ea. 2 $328.230 ea. 4 $315.100 ea. Availability: Lead Times May Vary. View Details. Add to My List.